Rimanchik was founded in 2003, as a partnership between two good friends. We didn't have any formal training at the time, but we did have a deep passion for great design and needed a creative outlet. Rimanchik was it.  We have evolved a lot since then, learning, growing and becoming experts in everything needed to make our ideas and dreams a reality.  

Over the years we have been lucky enough to learn from some of the country's best master leather workers. We now have a small studio in Montreal, from where we design, manufacture and ship all our accessories. Although we have outgrown our living rooms, all of our goods are still handmade by us. Throughout the year we also sell at a number of artisan events across Canada, where you can meet us in person. In an era of fast-fashion, this hands-on approach is important to us.

Every Rimanchik piece is created to last, featuring top-notch workmanship and high quality materials. We also work hard to offer unique yet timeless designs that can be worn for years. We're always so proud when we see someone wearing a Rimanchik piece that they purchased 10 years ago, which still works with today’s styles and looks amazing.

The name Rimanchik comes from the Quichua language and means 'we & you speak'. This idea of harmony is at the heart of our philosophy, as we strive to fulfill people's daily needs with design that is simple, elegant and a joy to use. 

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you continue to stay in touch either through our Facebook page or our email newsletter.

Sandra & Victor
[Psst...! If you like guitars, check out our newest project which marries our love of design, music and leather working - Stinger Straps. Handmade premium leather guitar straps, made by yours truly.]